Friday, September 23, 2011


Because of that love
Because of that person
I have lived until now

Once today has passed
If I never see that person again
What am I supposed to do?

Of all so many destined ones
Why must the two of us have to meet?
We love..then we part ways after
The time we created and spent together
I can't forget

I said that we would be together
That I'll be right by you
I made such promises that
I held onto so dear as my life
But I can't do these things
It's impossible for me to do them
To say that I am sorry....

Before you go to somewhere faraway
I want to look at you for a little longer
And tell you about my love

Because of that love..
Because of that person...
I cry...
Only you know
That my love is never foolish...
It's never foolish....
My dear...

p/s: Actually ni aku amik lirik lagu LOVE BY YIM JAE BUM, OST CITY bukan poem ye..huhu...suka sgt series ni..suka sgt semua lagu die..suka sgt actors and actress die..jln cite die bdasarkan crite betul and sgt best..THUMBS UP!

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